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Pepper Spray Saves The Day

Enough is enough! That's the message a store clerk sent to a would be robber. In the early morning hours of July 10th a thug with bad intentions entered a convenience store called Dotty's, just outside of Portland, Oregon. Upon entering the store, the man implied that he was armed with a gun and attempted to rob the place. Let's just say he picked the wrong clerk to mess with! In a quick second the clerk opened up a "can of whoop ass" on this thug, first spraying him with pepper spray, then smacking him with a right cross to the jaw. Witnesses reported seeing the thug running from the store screaming for help! We just love a happy ending. Pepper spray is an excellent self defense weapon that offers users many benefits. Here are three reasons why everyone should carry pepper spray:
  1. The ability to stop an attacker from a distance
  2. Takes no special strength or skill level to use.
  3. Non-lethal, will not cause long term or permanent damage.
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