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Pepper Spray Bailed Me Out

Below is an email from a customer sharing a very scary situation, that turned out ok because he used his MK-3 pepper spray. "I was walking with my 11 pound dog. A truck was parked on the side of a residential street with three young adult males inside. As I passed one of three young men old got out and said he needed money to get gas. " "I stated that I don't carry money with me when I'm walking. He said he was going to take my dog...with a little cigar in his mouth - he started at me as if he was going to slug me. I reached into my back pocket and aimed, then fired my MK-3 pepper spray at his face - almost immediately he went down to the ground. I didn't get his plate number but walked to the end of the block to where they could see me and I called the police. They, one of the other two, I guess drove away fast. The Lord was with me for guiding me to order the MK-3. Thanks for your service!!" Julius Okruhlik
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