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Stun Gun Treatment For Snake and Spider Bites

Could a stun gun really be an effective treatment for venomous snake and spider bites? Many doctors and researchers are stating that high voltage, low amperage stun gun shocks can have a dramatic effect on dangerous poisonous bites. Dr. Stan Abrams and others are actively using stun gun treatment on Brown Recluse spider bites, with excellent success. Dr. Abrams actually has set up a website to share his successful techniques. According to the website:
  • The stun gun current will influence the hydrogen bonds of the enzymes, destroying their secondary and tertiary structure.
  • The high voltage, low amperage current applied will reduce metal ions and zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, or calcium ions, which are firmly bound to some venom enzymes and are mandatory cofactors for these enzymes.
  • The electric particles interfere with the membrane as well as the positive charged polypeptides, decreasing their cytotoxic properties.
  • A simple Google search for terms like 'stun gun for snake bite' will return hundreds of relevant results. Most make claims of success using stun guns to treat venomous bites, complete with testimonials.
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