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Pepper Spray For Runners - How To Protect Yourself Outdoors

Winter seemed to last forever. It was a brutal season for many people around the country with record snowfalls in the east, southeast and northern states. Temperatures in many parts of the country hit all-time lows. The general malaise created by the weather caused countless cases of "cabin fever". As temperatures heat up, so does the desire to get out and about. People of all ages return to the great outdoors and resume activities like running, walking and biking. With this new found freedom comes the reality that danger could be lurking around the corner. Often exercise enthusiasts get so focused on the activity that they neglect the things going on around them. That's when you become most susceptible to an attack. To counter, it is always best to run with a friend on a familiar and well-lit path. The threat of a dog attack is also all too common. Over 5 million people are attacked and bitten by dogs every year. According to the CDC, every 75 seconds in the United States a dog bite occurs. Every day, over 1,000 people need require emergency care to treat these injuries. Wherever you go, whether it's a city park or your neighborhood street, dogs can be a constant threat.
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One of the most valuable products a runner can possess during an attack is a self defense spray like the Mace Brand Sport Jogger. It is manufactured by Mace Security International, the foremost manufacturer of defensive sprays in the country. This particular model attaches to your hand with an elastic strap or you can attach it to your key ring with a handy key chain attachment. The spray pattern is a stream spray, which means it is less likely to get blown off course outdoors. This jogger model contains 20 half-second shots and is effective at up to 12 feet away. Pepper spray for runners is an absolute essential for personal safety outdoors. Get some today!
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