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Pepper Spray for Self Defense

It seems every time we turn around we hear of another assault or home invasion or murder. I'd like to tell you that these things are only isolated incidents but that would not be truthful. I'd also like to tell you that statistics show that violent crime is decreasing nationwide, but the opposite is true. We live in a society that has become quite dangerous, so how is one supposed to protect themselves? Most of us have little chance of winning a physical fight with an attacker. If you're not trained to handle that type of situation, odds are you'll lose and probably be hurt in a physical altercation. Think about it, the majority of attacks are committed by young males and the victims tend to be female and/or elderly. Your best defense against a would be attacker is pepper spray for self defense. Does pepper spray have drawbacks or cons? Of course it does, but the positives far outweigh the drawbacks. Lets examine the benefits of carrying a good pepper spray.
  • Effects are almost instant and last for about 30 minutes
  • The sizes are small and convenient to carry in most situations
  • The cost of pepper spray is inexpensive
  • The useful life is between 2 and 4 years depending on product. An expiration date lets you know when it's time to replace
  • Pepper spray is has an effective range of 8 to 20+ feet depending on size and model
  • It is legal for self defense use in all states, though their are certain restrictions users in NY, MA, MI, and WI should be aware of.
  • Practice/training is easy and cost effective. Inert pepper spray cannisters are readily available for training purposes and the cost is about half of what the real stuff costs.
  • Pepper spray has been proven effective against persons under the influence of drugs and alcohol, this is not the case with tear gas.
  • Manufacturers have become very creative, as a result you can carry pepper spray in disguise. Lipstick, pens, rings, and walking weights just to name a few.
Some of the drawbacks of using pepper spray include:
  • It does no good at the bottom of your purse, in your glove compartment or anywhere other than on your person and readily accessible.
  • Pepper spray can "blowback" if spraying into a wind. Many companies now offer a ballistic stream, if you live in a windy climate we recommend the stream as this will almost eliminate "blowback".
  • Accuracy - if you don't practice, then how can you expect to be accurate. You need to be familiar with the safety features, how it sprays, how far it sprays, the pattern, etc. Practice makes perfect.
When it comes to pepper spray products, go out and get a premium product with a track record. Choose proven products like Fox Labs, Defense Technology, SABRE, Pepper Shot or Wildfire to name a few.
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