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Pepper Spray Saved Me From A Dog Attack

As a father, husband and business owner time is always at at a premium. Often free time comes open late at night or very early in the morning. One of the things I enjoy doing is jogging or fast walking around the subdivision we live in. It's good exercise, relieves stress and helps to clear my head. Just like hundreds of nights before, I set out for a jog about eleven p.m. I do practice what I preach, so I always carry pepper spray with me when I exercise outdoors. On this night, its a good thing I did have my defense spray. About a half mile into my jog, I see two very large Doberman Pinchers in the front yard of a neighbors home. I spotted them from about 100 yards away, but did not see an owner. Against, my better judgement I continued on my path that would put me passing right in from of the Doberman's yard. As I passed, one of the animals ran straight for me. My heat was beating rapidly, this was a big dog and he wanted to eat me for lunch. I carry the pepper spray in my hand whenever I'm out running. As the animal lunged at me I sprayed and hit him in the face from about 6 feet away. The dog yelped, and began rolling on the ground. I could hear it crying and could see the discharge from his nose and mouth. The pepper spray took the fight right out of this animal and probably saved me a trip to the hospital. I can't stress the importance of carrying a self defense product like pepper spray. Just as important, is knowing how to use it, making sure its easily accessible, and knowing what to expect. The only way you can accomplish this is through practice. So, choose your self defense product, make a commitment to use if you feel your safety is threatened and finally practice, practice, practice.
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