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Pepper Spray Types-Something For Everyone

Many people don’t realize that we carry one of the largest selections of, pepper sprays available in the United States. We carry seven different brands of pepper sprays: from Sabre to Fox brand; from Wildfire to Mace brand. And they come in a wide variety of sizes and disbursement methods. Some of them even come disguised.

Like the Lipstick Pepper Spray or the Pepper Pen.

There is even one that comes disguised as walking weights for outdoor exercisers or perhaps the baton pepper spray. We even have two styles of pepper gun: The Kimber pepper blaster II and the Mace pepper gun.

They come in a wide variety of disbursement methods from gel which sticks like glue when it hits an assailants face and Pepper Foam. Then there is a fine mist or stream. They all have ranges from 6-20 feet. Prices range from $4.95 to $69.99

Make sure you check out our huge selection of Pepper Sprays one of them will be just right for you. We have something for everyone.

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