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Personal Pepper Spray Stops Attacker

She works very long hours, often leaving home before the sun comes up and not returning until after dark. She's a very driven young women who works two jobs to make ends meet. For her, time is at a premium so the last thing on her mind is home and personal security. Unfortunately the bad guys know this. Just like most days, she arrived at her first job by 6:00 am and finished up the work day at job two around 8:00pm. She pulled into her dark driveway a little before 8:30pm, well after dark. She put the car in park, turned the key off and gathered her purse. As she exited her car and made her way to the front door, a man appeared from behind the brush. He quickly forced her into the house and then into the bedroom. Just has he demanded that she remove her clothes, she quickly reached into her purse, grabbing her personal pepper spray. She sprayed the attacker in the face with the pepper spray and he immediately fell to the ground. The pepper spray temporarily blinded him. The effects on his respiratory system left him struggling for air, which took the fight right out of him. The woman was able to safely run to a neighbors home and contact police. The police responded within minutes and apprehended the subject. Ironically, the pepper spray was a gift from her grandmother who was concerned for about safety. Without the pepper spray she would have probably been raped or maybe even worse.
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