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Personal/Home Alarm Offers Multiple Layers of Self Defense

I am excited to introduce our newest and the most advanced home/personal alarm on the market today. The UFO Multi-Function alarm actually combines the features of numerous personal and home alarms into one amazing system. UFO Personal/Home AlarmsShaped like mini UFO's and available in 6 colors; these multi-purpose alarms are impressive to say the least. You won't find all these features on any other alarm on the market. The quality and workmanship is excellent and we anticipate the demand to be extremely high. Amazing, unique, and effective are the words we use to describe our newest multi-function home and personal alarm. The UFO Alarm is the most versatile personal/home alarm that we carry. It’s easy to set-up and operate. Features include:
  • Personal Safety Alarm: Two personal alarm features, simply press the panic button to activate the siren alarm or pull the wrist strap out and activate a flashing strobe light and siren alarm.
  • Purse Snatch Alert: If someone tries to steal your purse, the UFO alarm and strobe light will sound instantly, getting you the help and attention needed. Put the wrist strap around your wrist and attach the snap hook to the handle of your handbag.
  • Serves as a handy flashlight. Simply press the light button and a bright beam of light is activated. Great for added safety at night or general safety light.
  • Excellent Door Alarm: Hang the door knob strap on the door handle Insert the closed alligator clip into the gap between the door and frame. When the door is opened, the alarm siren and strobe light will be activated immediately.
  • Window Alert: Hang the door knob strap on the hook next to the window. Insert the closed alligator clip into the gap between the window and frame. Once the window is opened, the alarm siren and strobe light are activated.
  • Burglar Alarm: Set up the patented burglar alarm function when you will be away. Works on any entry way door. If entry is attempted the strobe light and siren will sound.
  • Office/Desk Alarm: The alarm function for drawers is effective for protecting private documents and valuables. If entry is attempted the multi-function alarm and strobe will be activated immediately.
You can take a better look by visiting the web page Get one to secure every room in your home, apartment or office. Take one with you to and from work or when out and about. They make great gifts for those you really care about.
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