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Police Use Taser After Suspect Refused To Obey Orders

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Part of this story is about police officers who were called to a home on a domestic disturbance. As police were entering the home they told a man who was involved to stay outside. He became belligerent and refused those orders. As he was making his way into the house, Police officers used the end of the taser, which is an effective stun device, to subdue him. You can read the rest of the story HERE. The C2 Taser is the most effective self-defense product there is with nearly 100% stopping power-more than some handguns. The C-2 taser was developed specifically for women. It does basically the same thing that the bigger police model tasers do but with less capability. They still shoot out two electrified darts that use high amperage and low-voltage to disable an assailant. The darts shoot out to 15 feet away. Because they are so effective at stopping assailants women in high risk situations prefer them over any other self-defense product
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