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Portion of each pepper spray sale donated to breast cancer

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Guardian Self Defense & Security Products would like to share some early detection tips. One of the earliest signs of breast cancer can be an abnormality that shows up on a mammogram before it can be felt. The most common signs of breast cancer are a lump in the breast; abnormal thickening of the breast; or a change in the shape or color of the breast. Finding a lump or change in your breast does not necessarily mean you have breast cancer. Additional changes that may also be signs of breast cancer include:
  • Any new, hard lump or thickening in any part of the breast
  • Change in breast size or shape
  • Dimpling or puckering of the skin
  • Swelling, redness or warmth that does not go away
  • Pain in one spot that does not vary with your monthly cycle
  • Pulling in of the nipple
  • Nipple discharge that starts suddenly and appears only in one breast
  • An itchy, sore or scaling area on one nipple
Protect yourself or a loved one with Sabre Red Pink Pepper Spray and donate a portion of the purchase price to help fight breast cancer! Sabre Red Pink Pepper Spray
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