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First Date and Blind Date Safety

Everyone seems to live such busy lives. We are constantly on the run. It's difficult trying to juggle the day to day rat race that is our lives. Many of us have no social lives to speak of and turn to blind dates or first dates with someone we don't know. It is important that you learn to put your safety first when you decide to meet up with someone new. Be sure to tell a close friend or family member where you'll be and a time you expect to be back. If things are going well and you decide to stay out later send a text message to advise. If your date takes you to a new destination, again take a moment to send a text. If you do not arrive home or do not call them when you arrive home safely like you said you would, they have places that they can go to find you. Limit your first dates to public places such as a restaurant, bar, or movie theater because if anything unexpected happens or you are not feeling comfortable there are people around to help you. It's not a good idea to go to a date's home on a first date and can be quite dangerous. As a general rule, try not to put yourself into a situation where no one is around to help you. Don't get intoxicated on a first date. Keep your wits about yourself, if you drink too much you could loose control of your body. This could lead to a situation you're not able to get yourself out of. Set up a 'save me' code with your friend or family member. If things are just not working out text your friend the 'save m' code! Your friend should immediately go to work to get you out of their. Upon receiving the 'save me' code, your friend should call you with the previously rehearsed emergency. Ex: you need to get to the hospital quickly because ....... Lastly, carry a personal attack alarm and a key-chain pepper spray. The alarms make a loud screeching noise if you set them off and they will grab the attention of anyone around you. An attacker will be stunned by the noise and is likely to make a run for it. If not, the pepper spray will make them which they had run away when they had the chance. A little pepper spray to the face will leave an attacker debilitated for up to 40 minutes, while you get to safety. Now get out their and enjoy yourself and the increased piece of mind you've acheived..
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