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Prison Guards To Carry Pepper Sprays-You Should Too!

Here's a story about how the Federal Bureau of Prisons has set up a pilot program at the Lewisburg penitentiary to study the effectiveness of prison guards carrying pepper sprays. Up until now prison guards in federal prisons have not been allowed to carry pepper sprays despite thousands of assaults every year on them. The reason for the change is because several state prisons have shown a decline in assaults when their prison guards have been carrying pepper spray so the feds thought they'd try it out. You can read the whole story HERE. Police officers carry pepper spray as one of their first lines of defense. Postal carriers are issued pepper sprays as a first line of defense against dog attacks. A Pepper Spray can disable an attacker for up to 45 minutes and is one of the most effective self defense weapons in the world. There are many models available but most of them have key chain attachments as shown here. So my question is why aren't you carrying one?
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