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Robbery Prevention and Personal Defense

Robbery is a unique crime because it threatens both our person and property. In America, robbery accounts for over one-third of all violent crimes. Forty percent of robberies were classified as forceful without a weapon. Unlike many other crimes, studies show that up to 90 percent of all robbers are strangers to their victims. There are some common sense things you can start doing today to help prevent falling victim to small business robbery. Businesses should be kept clean and in order. A well organized businesses gives the impression that you care. If you have a stock room or back room, keep the door closed or whatever steps are necessary to block of view. You don't want to advertise or show criminals what you are storing in the back room. The other benefit of blocking off the back is that potential trouble makers won't know if you are alone or have additional workers or employees on the premises. Focus on visibility, you should be able to see the entrance and outside from almost anywhere inside. Being active and moving around the business is always a good idea. Greet everyone who comes in in a friendly manner. Robbers don't like any attention being drawn to them. Be on alert for anyone who just "hangs" around your business with no real purpose or someone who comes and goes more than once in a day. Go with your "gut" if you feel like someone is acting suspicious and call law enforcement just to be on the safe side. What if a robbery does occur? Are you prepared, do you have a plan regarding what you will do or how you will respond? Everyone should know what to do in case of a robbery. Use a hand signal or code word that will alert employees of trouble. If you keep a large amount of cash on hand you are asking for trouble. Keep minimal amounts of cash on hand. Develop a plan to make money drops at the bank at least once per day. The deposit times should be random and change regularly. If you don't currently have a security system and surveillance cameras you should definitely consider it. This is not an expense but an investment in both your personal and business security. Even if you don't have a working alarm system, you can post signs and stickers that state that you do. This in itself is a great deterrent. Dummy surveillance cameras and systems cost just pennies on the dollar and look just like the real thing. Again by at least putting up dummy surveillance cameras you significantly decrease your chances of falling victim. Small business owners are the heart beat of America. We take huge risks, we invest tons of money and capitol, we employ members of our community, and so many depend on us each and everyday. It is a sad reality that robbers and other criminals prey on small businesses. In less than an hour they can destroy everything we've worked for. Don't let it happen to you. For more information on personal defense and surveillance products visit us today.
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