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Sabre Defensive Sprays-Product Review

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In today's blog posting. We are taking a look at Sabre Defensive Sprays and doing a review of two of their products. Sabre brand is one of the few pepper spray manufacturers based in the United States. One of their more popular products is the Spitfire Pepper Spraythat has 2 million Scoville heat units and a range up to 10 feet. It can be fired at any angle, over the shoulder or from the hip. It is designed to be super easy to aim. It has four year shelf life and contains .67 major capsaicinoid concentration. The next most popular Sabre pepper spray is the CROSSFIRE that deploys continuously from ANY angle to increase target acquisition. It was specifically developed to give officers the upper hand when controlling dynamic subjects. It contains 1.33% major capsaicinoids and it has a flip top safety device. It sprays in a ballistic stream to decrease blowback. It has a range of 20 feet. It can spray 30 half second shots. Since 2005 Guardian Self-Defense & Security Products LLC has provided premium pepper spray Self Defense Products and a wide variety of Home Security Products to over 45,000 consumers. We offer a full-line of premium self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, pepper mace, personal alarms and other self-defense items.
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