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Sabre Dog Protector Spray-Product Review

dog repellent

In today’s blog post we’re doing a product review of one of the most effective and most popular dog sprays called Dog Protector by Sabre brand. It is strong enough to deter most dog attacks and causes no permanent injury to the aggressive dog. It contains .67% Major Capsaicinoids (strongest percentage allowed in the US for dog sprays) which is why it is so much hotter than the competition. The 1.8 oz canister sprays up to 15 feet away and has a built-in belt clip for convenient nearby access and safety flip-top that prevents accidental discharge.

Dog attacks and dog bites are huge problem in the United States and actually all the world. In the United States over 5 million people every year attacked and bitten by a dog with nearly 1,000,000 of them requiring hospitalization many of those are young children are the biggest age group bitten by dogs.

“For over 35 years Sabre has been the leader non-lethal self defense sprays.”

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