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Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4 More Bang For the Buck

Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4 Why should you buy Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4? There are several reasons. 1. The first and most important is that it provides an effective means of self-defense for everyone who uses it. A defensive spray can incapacitate an assailant for as long as 45 minutes by causing extreme pain, excessive tearing of the eyes and makes breathing very difficult. 2. The fact that it comes out as gel disbursement method means that it holds up better in windy or rainy conditions. This is an important consideration since most applications of the defensive sprays are outdoors. When it is used in indoors, there is less chance of cross-contamination by hitting non-intended targets. 3. The Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4 fires continuously from any angle which increases target acquisition rates. This is an important consideration because most targets are dynamic as opposed to standing still (static). 4. This MK4 model contains one third more product than the MK 3 version, which means you get more bang for the buck. 5. It contains 32 half second shots with an effective range up to 20 feet nearly 50% further than most competitive pepper sprays. The Sabre MK 3 contains only 20 half second shots. 6. It is made out of the famous Sabre Red formula and contains 1.33% major capsaicinoids, the true measure of hotness of a pepper spray. 7. It is Taser/ECD compatible. Sabre brand defensive sprays are few on the market that are Taser compatible. It is just one of the reasons why it is favored by so many law enforcement agencies who all carry Taser guns. And our online store has a good selection of all Sabre defensive sprays including the Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4. When you are looking for self-defense products need look no further than our online store.
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