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Protect Valuables With Hidden Diversion Safes

One of the most overrated home security suggestions, in my opinion, is the use of traditional safes. I'm talking about the big, heavy safes that require a password or code to open. I recently read a tragic story about a couple and their son who were brutally murdered in their home. Day’s later police arrested the killers and the motive was revealed. The couple kept a very rare and expensive coin collection in a safe inside their home. After murdering the family, the killers made off with the safe, which they managed to open and remove the $500,000 coin collection. This is just one example of the ineffectiveness and danger of traditional safes.

Instead, why not invest in several small, inexpensive hidden or diversion safes. These ingenious disguised safes look identical to real, everyday household items. For example, a Coca-Cola can safe is the perfect hiding place to secure cash kept in the home. These safes look real and are even weighted to feel like the real thing.

Crime experts claim the average burglar will spend less than 10 minutes in a home. The objective is to get in and out as quickly as possible. Therefore, they are almost always fixed on the most obvious assets. It is unlikely that "Mr. Thief" will have the time or wherewithal to reach into the pantry and find your Peanut Butter diversion safe.

There are many diversion safe options to choose from. You can purchase a book hidden safe, a wall safe, or maybe a hair spray disguised safe! Each hidden safe has a secret compartment hollowed out to allow discrete storage of your most prized possessions in plain sight.

So how much does a diversion safe cost? Most are available for purchase between $10 and $20. For the cost of a traditional safe, you could buy 10 hidden safes to place strategically throughout your home. No one will know that the can of Pringles potato chips actually contains your finest jewelry.

One of the quickest ways to upgrade your home security is to invest in several disguised safes. Most are surprised and thrilled to find that such a safe even exists. If you have small, expensive valuables in your home or business, it would be wise to try these prior to investing in traditional style.

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