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A Womans Self-Defense Stun Gun

Being a woman in today's society is difficult and dangerous to say the least. Balancing such tasks as school, career and family can be daunting. With everything going on, most never consider personal safety until something bad or tragic happens to someone. Women are at high risk for crimes such as rape, robbery and assault, but with a little effort, can turn the odds in their favor.

What if a mugger cornered you in a parking garage and demanded money or threatened to hurt you. How would you fare? If you possessed a multi-function stun gun in most cases you would gain the advantage.

A stun gun offers the power to temporarily debilitate a would-be attacker. Simply touch the electrified contacts to any part of his body. A shock of less than 3 seconds is capable of "dropping" him quickly. The shock hurts really bad and makes it nearly impossible to walk for 5-10 minutes, post shock. This stun device also includes a built in personal alarm and LED flashing strobe light.

In my opinion, the best thing about the multi-function stun gun is that they are proven non-lethal. Electric stun guns will not cause any permanent damage with full recovery in less an 15 minutes. Stun guns use low amperage (about 6 milliamps) to carry a high voltage shock. The stun device tricks the body into working very inefficiently. The result is muscle overload and confusion. Loss of balance and body movement comes next followed by disorientation.

Today's multi-function stun guns are tiny, at less than 5 inches tall, and can be discreetly concealed by almost everyone. The LED flashing strobe will get you attention when needed and can be seen at night up to 1/2 mile away. The 130dB personal alarm is ear piercing and sure to attract help. Many fear that a stun gun could be taken and used against them. This unit includes a handy disable pin. If the device is taken from you the disable pin will render the stun gun useless. These little stun guns are affordable and come with a lifetime warranty. 4.5 million volts of stopping power, make the multi-function stun gun a great self defense option.

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