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Safe Zones To Buy And Sell Online

Craigslist safe transaction zone Craigslist safe transaction zone
The safety of doing business on sites like Craigslist is called into to question often. These online sites make it relatively easy for criminals to prey on unsuspecting targets. The danger comes in after a deal is arranged and you proceed to meet a complete stranger to complete the transaction, which usually involves cash changing hands. Last Thursday, November 12th, in my hometown, the Baton Rouge Police Department announced the creation of a designated safe zone to complete deals, after buying and selling items on popular online sites. The purpose is to provide people with a safe and secure place to meet a stranger to complete a deal. These safe zones are being setup by police departments across the country. Most are set up in a police station parking lot and marked with signs that read 'Safe Transaction Zone'. These areas are monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras. This is an innovative and proactive way to deter the robberies and other crimes associated with sites like Craigslist when delivering money to a complete stranger. Do you have similar safe zones in your area?
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