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Self Defense Product Options When A Handgun Won't Work

If you're like countless others, personal security is a major concern, yet owning a handgun is not an option. You're not alone, gun ownership is a huge responsibility that many are unwilling to make. The consequences of pulling the trigger in self-defense can be life changing. If this describes you, then what are your choices? You have the right and responsibility create a safe environment for yourself and family. Crime is all around us, burglary, assault, rape, murder and home invasion are some of the most prevalent. Plenty of people are turning to non-lethal self defense products. These products are proven effective, yet the effects are temporary and cause no long term harm. The most popular option is pepper spray or Mace. This inexpensive self defense spray is extremely effective at stopping an aggressive attacker. Capsaicin is the active ingredient which is derived from the extraction of oleoresin capsicum from peppers. A shot of pepper spray in the eyes, nose or mouth goes to work instantly to cause pain, trouble breathing, and temporary blindness. Pepper spray products offer varying effective ranges from about 6 feet to over 20 feet. Stun guns and Tasers provide knock down power, require no license to own and operate, and are compact in size, making them convenient to carry. In addition, most units have built in LED flashlights that come in handy when trying to locate your keys or open a door. Stun guns are equipped with safety features that greatly reduce the chances of accidental firing. Numerous studies point to the overall safety of stun devices. Taser International alone has spent $4.5 million dollars over the last 5 years for medical research to ensure the safe use of stun devices. For more information about these non-lethal self defense products and many others visit us at Guardian-Self-Defense.Com
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