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Safety This Holiday Season

Ready or not here we go again! The holiday season is here and just like last year and the year before that, it has again crept up on most of us. Where has the time gone? Don't get me wrong, I love the holiday season, its truly the best time of year. If your like me it just seems as if we are never prepared and as a result find ourselves running around like "chickens with our heads cut off". We find ourselves rushing around at all hours of the day and night focused on shopping, gifts, food and family. Safety and personal security, typically do not register on the priority list. Criminals thrive on holiday distractions. Unfortunately, our favorite time of the year is also one of the most dangerous. There are things all of us can do that will help make us unattractive to criminals this holiday season.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you.
  • Park your vehicle in well lit, high traffic areas. Avoid remote locations and areas
  • Always remember to lock your vehicle and activate the alarm if applicable.
  • Don't leave valuable items in your vehicle in plain view. Remember what you consider valuable and what a criminal consider valuable may be very different. For example, if you leave a few quarters or maybe a few dollars, this is a food for a homeless person or drug money for an addict.
  • Many of us shop all day and make trips back and forth to the vehicles. This is simply a bad idea. If you find that you just have too many bags to shop with it is best to go home and drop them off. Then go back and continue shopping. Many criminals are opportunistic, they will sit and watch as you load up your car. Once you leave they strike.
  • If you are waiting for a ride from a friend, family member or public transportation, pick a place that is busy and in a well lit area.
  • If you have children teach them to find a store clerk and to ask for help if they become lost or separated while shopping. Never should they leave the store to go outside or to they car. Major retailers have security procedures in place to help quickly reunite children with their family
  • If you carry large amounts of cash you are asking for trouble. Use a debit card or check to pay for purchases and keep cash to a minimum.
  • If you discover that your credit cards or checks are missing notify your bank immediately.
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