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Securing Your Windows and Doors

You can dramatically reduce your chances of falling victim to burglary or home invasion by increasing security at your main entryways. A plan to secure your front and back doors, prominent windows or sliding glass doors are critical to keeping your home and family safe. The prevalence of residential robbery as well as home invasions are increasing dramatically. Residential robberies are more likely to occur during the day, when no one is at home. In contrast, home invasions target homes were the residents are likely to be home and are most likely to occur at night. The home invasion criminal has violence in mind and often targets an individual or family rather than a home or residence. Fortunately, there are things you can do TODAY to greatly reduce your chance of becoming a victim of any such crimes. It sounds like a no-brainer, but get into the habit of making sure all windows, doors, sliding glass and garage doors are locked. Review your home for things such as solid heavy duty doors, premium door and window locks. Invest in door and window security devices to deter and prevent robbery or home invasions. Glass Break Alarm A glass breakage alarm is simple yet effective for protecting windows, sliding glass doors or just about anything glass. They are affordable and require no installation. The device sticks to the glass by way of adhesive tape and is activated by vibration. The siren is a high decibel alarm and will alert you of trouble while deterring the criminal from continuing. In addition, magnetic window and door alarms are tripped when they are opened. The magnetic contacts are separated the loud siren sounds. Door and window alarm Many criminals will attempt to force their way into a residence by kicking the door in. Consider using an door reinforcement device like a security door brace. Made of steel the door brace uses leverage to make forced entry very difficult for a criminal. Other affordable home security products include automatic dialers. The concept is simple, they are activated by motion. Immediately following motion they dial the phone number you pre-programmed. Upon answering the call you can actually listen in to see what's going on at your residence. You can choose to announce yourself and/or contact the authorities. Another very effective yet surprisingly affordable home security device. Telespy Auto Dialer Home Security Products from Guardian Self Defense.
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