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Escaping Rape

What would you do should you find yourself in the dreadful position of attempting to defend against being raped? This is every woman's worst nightmare. Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your chances of preventing the rape or sexual assault. I'd like to share a couple techniques that are easy to learn and perform and have a high rate of success. The scenario is worst case, you find yourself in the vulnerable rape position where the rapist is in between your legs and he is trying to penetrate you. Place your hands on his shoulders and extend your elbows. This allows you the ability to push against him and begin moving your body upward and out from under him. The object is to give yourself enough room to put your feet on his hips. If you can do this then you can control his hips and prevent the thrust and attempt to penetrate. In this position you will also be able to create space between you and him. This will help to control the damage he can do with his hands. Inevitably he will try to hit, slap, punch, or stab. He needs the hands to do this, so by creating that space you are decreasing his ability to physically hurt you. The eye gouge is another effective technique that is easy to execute. From the beginning of our worst case scenario, he is in between your thighs and attempting to sexually assault or rape. Lift your hands off of his shoulders and move the palms of your hands to the sides of his face. Your thumbs are now parallel with his eyes. Quickly and forcefully use the thumbs to press and gouge the eyes. This technique works and his instinct will be to pull away from you or knock your arms away or both. This is good because you now have space between him and you. Eye Gouge for rape prevention Use your strongest weapons against his weakest body parts. His most vulnerable parts are the eyes, throat, knees, and groin, face, and stomach. Using the bottoms of your feet, a kick to the abdomen will knock the wind out of him. The elbows or closed hammer fists can be used to attack the groin. Take your open palm and strike the front of the nose attempting to push the nasal bone upward. These are the same techniques taught in rape prevention and women s self defense classes across the country. Finally, choose a self defense product that is right for you.
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