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Self Defense Against Rape

Rape is a dangerous crime that affects all of us. No of us are exempt from becoming a victim. Every six minutes a rape occurs in the US and nearly 80 percent of victims know their attackers. A common misconception is that the major motive for rape is sexual. In fact, the major motive is power, not sex. Rape is a crime of power and violence; sex is just a weapon. Statistics show that the most common rape is the assault of a school-aged female by a man of the same race. Typically the assailant is alone, has no weapon, and is probably known to the victim. Protecting our young female youth through awareness and education is the key. Parents should always know the whereabouts of their children and what they are doing.
  • A teenage girl should never be allowed to entertain her male friends at home without adult supervision. She should also have learned the importance of not allowing strangers into the home.
  • Safety in numbers should be stressed; and she is safest in the company of other girls. Studies show that nearly thirty percent of all rapes are gang rapes.
  • Set a curfew and make sure she checks in with parents or guardian.
  • She should exercise caution when she is home alone during daylight hours, like after school. She should take special care to see that after school activities avoid one to one relationships or a situation in which she might be the only female in a group.
  • She should exercise extreme caution in accepting dates. Getting picked up by a stranger is ill advised at the very best. Parents should always insist on meeting the dates of schoolgirls living at home.
  • Consider allowing her to carry a self defense weapon for protection. A self defense pepper spray and the proper practice can go a long way toward personal safety.
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