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Baton Rouge Crime Increases

The final crime statistics were released locally today by the FBI, Baton Rouge crime increased nearly 9% in 2009 when compared to 2008. This is a very disturbing trend considering that crime in Baton Rouge has decreased for seven of the last nine years and violent crime has decreased nearly 25% for decade. As a business owner, local resident, father and husband I'm concerned for the safety and security of the community. Drugs, lack of education and unemployment are the major contributors. That coupled with a large population growth put the Greater Baton Rouge area at increased risk of crimes against persons and property. Specifically, the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting program reported a 4.98% increase in violent crime (murder, rape, robbery and assault), while property crime (burglary, larceny, arson, and motor vehicle theft) rose over 9%. The rate at which crimes were solved dropped from 20.35% to 19.94%. So what can people do to fight back? How can we reduce the chances of falling victim to crime? There are plenty of things you can do today to protect your home and personal security. You can contact your local police of sheriff's department and request a home safety assessment. Most law enforcement agencies will come out and tell you how to make sure your home is secure. If your home is not already part of a neighborhood watch program you should join or develop one. Home security alarms, motion sensors, and entry way reinforcements are affordable and instantly make your home unattractive to burglary. Personal security should be considered for every family member. When are family members alone, this is when they are most vulnerable to potential attack. There is power in numbers, whenever possible make sure you stay in groups of at least two. Criminals are much less likely to attempt and attack on a group, its much easier to target one individual. It is wise to consider carrying pepper spray for self defense. Pepper spray is very effective and works almost instantly. When used correctly, a quality self defense pepper spray will stop even the most aggressive attacker. To be effective, you must read the directions to learn how to use the spray, then MOST IMPORTANTLY...PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Self Defense Pepper Spray
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