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Self Defense Product Choices That Make Sense

There is a raging debate going on about the 2nd Amendment; our right to bear arms. We (Americans) should have the right to protect ourselves with a gun if we so choose. It says so in that little thing we call The Constitution. In my opinion, the debate should be over and really never should have started. Remember we are supposed to be the "Land of the free and home of the brave". Our Founding Fathers and millions who followed worked tirelessly, unselfishly, and dedicated themselves to ensuring the freedoms we have today, which include the right to own a handgun for self protection and the safety of your home and family. I am a proud gun owner, but in today's society is a handgun or any lethal self defense weapon a wise choice in any setting outside of your home? In my opinion, and the opinion of many safety experts the answer is no. I can hear many of you now saying "How can that be true" and "You just got done praising the 2nd Amendment and even stated you are a proud gun owner."? To answer your question, it boils down to consequences. If you pull the trigger on that gun and justifiably kill someone, will you be ready for the impending consequences you will likely face? I for one am not. I would much rather stop a criminal with a non-lethal self defense product such as pepper spray than face the consequences of firing a gun. If you pull the trigger in self defense, you should have nothing to worry about, but it's simply not the case. At a minimum you will probably face a civil lawsuit and the countless time and money spent defending yourself. Court cases could drag on and on for years. In some cases your fate may be left in the hands of a jury and the prosecutor needing to win that case. I prefer not to go through any of that. A TASER will stop an attacker in his tracks and in many cases has the same or more initial stopping power than a gun. The difference, at the end of the day the criminal goes to jail and you get to go home. Today in the city I live in a man was assaulted, robbed, beaten and they even took his clothes; leaving him naked and unconscious. It appears the victim was a hard working man and good citizen. Now consider two scenarios. First, he took self defense training and was armed with pepper spray. As the men approached he turned and sprayed both in the face then ran to safety. Second, he took the training and sucessfully completed the necessary courses to carry a concealed weapon. As the men approached, he turned and pulled his gun. One of the men appeared to reach for what appeared to be a gun, he fired killing one and injuring the other. Now what scenario would you rather be involved with?
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