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Sell Your Home As Secure

Do you sell your home as SECURE to criminals who would like to rob you blind or cause harm to your family? Sounds funny, but its not. Each day, for the most part, each of us attempt to "sell ourselves" to our employers, coworkers, and clients. A former boss once told me, "Treat each day like your on a job interview". That means you approach every day with a plan of action, with a purpose; it's to show yourself in your best light. How many of you think this way when it comes to home or personal security? I would gather to say not many, and that's because safety and security is not a priority for most, unless you or someone close to you has been a victim. By selling your home as SECURE you are simply sending a message to criminals that says "I've done my homework, I have a plan." By doing so you will effectively deter criminals and create a safer more secure home. It's really not difficult or expensive, but it does help to have someone point out potential trouble spots. Start with your entry ways. Did you realize that the majority of home burglaries occur by way of a main entry way? So I pays to ensure that at least the front and back doors are secure. What is the door made of? Is it fiberglass or wood? If so consider upgrading to a steel door. In addition to the steel door look for added security features such as steel bearing hinges and steel recessed door jambs. If you cannot afford to upgrade to a steel door consider going with a door brace to further secure your entry ways. The windows are the next things to look over. Do you have working locks on each window? If not you can easily secure them with a screw or nail from the inside. The cost is almost nothing, but leaves you vulnerable to fire. You can purchase a window lock from most hardware stores. There are also window alarms that will alert you by sounding a high decibel alarm. Both options don't cost much and will help "sell" your home as secure. Finally, consider investing in some security decals and maybe a few yard signs. This really "sells" your home as being secure to would be criminals. Place the decals on each prominent window and entry way. The yard signs should also be displayed right in the front and back of the home. Don't forget about the garage doors. These simple steps will help provide you with added peace of mind, while "selling your home as secure" to crooks!
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