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Learning Self Defense Techniques

The ability to defend yourself and your loved ones is paramount should trouble arise. Many individuals choose non-lethal self defense products. The reason...they are non-lethal, meaning they cause no permanent damage or long term injuries, but they get the job done quickly and efficiently. The most popular self defense products are pepper spray, Mace, stun guns and taser devices. We live close to LSU and today I was driving by "the lakes". Its a beautiful place just off campus with sidewalks and bike trails. It is a very popular exercise spot, especially when school is in. As I'm driving I watching as I pass all these people, young and old. Some are jogging, others are walking and still others are biking. I noticed that many were carrying keychain pepper spray and I spotted a few personal alarms. I also noted that many appeared to be carrying nothing at all and many were exercising alone. What if you forgot your pepper spray today and find yourself jogging alone when trouble strikes? Would you be an easy victim or target for criminals. I often advocate learning to defend yourself against an attacker should the need arise. Many police and law enforcement officials offer some excellent classes. Some are even free of charge! If this sounds interesting to you then please contact your local police or sheriff's department to see what they have to offer. In many cases I'm told that those classes are intimidating. Others have time conflicts that prevent them from being able to attend. Whatever the reason, it's no reason not to learn self defense. We offer 19 self defense fighting dvd's that cover the gambit of fighting techniques. You will find anything from hand to hand combat, to karate, to mixed martial arts. All of these DVD's are taught by some of the best fighters in the world. You keep to learn from them one on one in your home and on your time schedule. This is an option that works really well for many of today's busy families. You will be impressed the skills you can attain in a relatively short period of time. If you are committed to watching the DVD's and then practicing what you've learned; you will pick up high level self defense techniques that could literally save your life. So in addition to that pepper spray or stun baton, consider taking a class or buying a specialized DVD that will help you learn to defend yourself and increase your overall self confidence level and your peace of mind.
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