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Senator To Address Campus Sexual Assault Issue

Sen. Claire McCaskill, Democrat from Missouri, led the way to change the way the military handles sexual assaults, is now turning attention to Campus Sexual Assaults. In a town hall meeting recently, she announced that sexual assaults are even more underreported in colleges than they are in the military. “I’m looking at what college campuses are doing in terms of keeping statistics, doing an inventory of services offered, finding out how many young people know if there’s a safe space on their campus where they can report,” McCaskill said during a news conference after the event. “Those are the kinds of things we’re doing now, and we’re looking at it across Missouri and then I’m going to ask my colleagues to try to do the same kind of thing in their states.” She readily admits that she doesn't know if there is anything that can be done at the federal level. Among the many problems associated with campus sexual assaults are the facts: that as stated it is vastly underreported with fewer than one in 10 actually getting reported; that alcohol is involved in approximately 70% of all cases leading many women to not being able to remember what actually happened; the assailant is known to the victim in close to 90% of the cases because they are classmates frequently.
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