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Stun Guns Effective Against Pit Bull Attacks


stun gun against pit bull attack

Stun guns, also known as electric breaking sticks by Pit Bull experts, are extremely effective against aggressive Pits and other breeds. Expert dog trainers recommend the use of stun guns to stop or prevent dog attacks. Pit Bulls strike extreme fear into the minds of millions, but the fact is any dog attack is dangerous and can cause severe bodily harm to humans and other animals. If faced with an imminent dog attack how would you respond?

 Most of us have no idea until it happens. We get calls and pleads for help from persons who have been the victim of a vicious dog attack. In almost every case, we tell them to buy a stun gun or stun baton for protection. We are talking about an actual stun gun, not a Taser that shoots a projectile.

Earlier this month in Tampa, Florida a police officer responding to a domestic disturbance found himself in the path of an angry Pit Bull. The officer used his stun gun to subdue the animal. After shocking the dog, the officer had enough time to load the Pit into his cruiser and transport to a local animal shelter.

stun baton against pit bull attacks

Pit Bull enthusiasts will tell you that a responsible owner always has a 'breaking stick' on hand in case an animal fight takes place. With the traditional 'breaking stick' the jaws are pried open. Many are now recommending the use of stun guns to break up fights, even referring to them as 'electronic breaking sticks'.

A common myth is that Pits have a mechanism that allows them to lock there jaws on their prey. This is simply not true, there jaws are massively strong and the breed very stubborn. Stubborn in the fact that they often will not let go once latched on to something. Traditional breaking sticks are effective but if not careful can end up getting bit while trying to prey the jaw open.

With a stun gun or baton by touching the electric rod to the skin of the animal success is often immediate. High voltage, low amperage electricity causes extreme pain, disorientation, and loss of muscle control. The end result is typically a quick end to an aggressive dog attack and much needed safety for all involved.

The best thing is that the stun gun shock won't cause long term injury. More and more dog shelters and humane society's are ordering stun batons for dog control officers. Sales of pocket stun guns to meter readers, postal workers, and delivery drivers continue to increase. I recently had a conversation with a local SPCA director who stated, "...stun batons have dramatically decreased that number of annual dog bites to our control officers".

If you are looking for a device to offer protection against dog attacks while walking, biking, or jogging a stun device may offer exactly what your looking for. One benefit of a electronic stun device that is often not discussed is that the sound made when you pull the trigger.

We can see and hear the electronic "crackling" of electricity, but recent studies suggest that there is more to it. There appears to be a very high pitch sound that cannot be heard by the human ear but is painfully loud to canines. This provides another "hidden" benefit that could deter attack without having to shock the animal.

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