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What Pepper Spray Brands Do Law Enforcement Carry

What pepper spray brands do law enforcement professionals carry? This often determines the pepper spray brand that consumers want to purchase. Like any free market industry, competition, market share, and a desire to make money drive manufacturers to launch and market numerous brands. All of these defense spray brands claim to be the best and the hottest. The fact is that many of the claims that manufacturers make are unfounded or simply untrue. Only a hand full of companies make premium pepper spray products and then spend the necessary resources on research and development. These manufactures also fund independent scientific studies related to the effectiveness and then publish the findings for everyone to see. Trusted manufacturers like Fox Labs, SABRE, Defense Technology and Wildfire command the great majority of professional law enforcement agencies trust. This speaks volumes about the products; if it meets the needs of local, state, and federal agencies as their first line of defense when safety and well being are on the line, then it will meet your needs as well. Here are a few testimonials from the professionals who use these defense sprays: A Fox Labs Pepper Spray Testimonial: IMMEDIATE STOPPING POWER “We had a paranoid schizophrenic large male off his medication go crazy in a hair salon full of people. He was barricaded in a bathroom and screaming about the devil. One spray in the face and it was immediately effective. We waited for about 2-3 seconds and I gave him commands to prone out and put his hands behind his back. He must have thought the devil spit in his eyes. He did everything we asked. It was great! We made some more believers’ in your product today. Thanks!” Lt. DN, Wisconsin SABRE Red Pepper Spray Testimonial: "As the institution's Armory Officer and Chemical Agents instructor, I test and order all chemical agents for our prison. After several conversations about Sabre, I ordered the MK-9 5.0. The 5.0 is issued to our on-duty incident responders; all other officers carry other company's O.C. products. As usual, people are resistant to change. However, after only a couple of Sabre deployments, staff loves the Sabre product. Other staff has requested to carry the Sabre as well." Dale Paugh Chemical Agents Instructor Sierra Conservation Center Defense Technology Pepper Spray Testimonial “I was walking with my 11 pound dog. A truck was parked on the side of a residential street with three young adult males inside. As I passed one of three young men old got out and said he needed money to get gas. I stated that I don’t carry money with me when I’m walking. He said he was going to take my dog…with a little cigar in his mouth – he started at me as if he was going to slug me. I reached into my back pocket and aimed, then fired my MK-3 pepper spray at his face – almost immediately he went down to the ground. I didn’t get his plate number but walked to the end of the block to where they could see me and I called the police. They, one of the other two, I guess drove away fast. The Lord was with me for guiding me to order the MK-3. Thanks for your service!!” Julius Okruhlik Wildfire Pepper Spray Testimonial: "Recently, I used the WildFire 18% Pepper Spray in the recovery of bail jumper. I am impressed. This spray stopped the aggression of the target without direct contact! The reactivity of this spray, surpassed sprays i have used in the past." E.R. Smith, Professional Bail Bondsman
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