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  • Home Security Products Stop Burglars In Their Tracks

    Very few things stop burglars in their tracks better than home security products. Some examples of these are security cameras, fake security cameras, home security systems, motion activated alarms and window and door alarms. When a burglar is out casing a neighborhood-looking for homes that are vulnerable-he looks for signs of home security products. Is there a sign in the front yard that warns of a vicious guard dog, for example, or a sign that warns of a home security system in place or does he see security/surveillance cameras in...

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  • Mace Wireless Home Security System-Product Review

    click for more details In today's blog post we're doing a product review of the Mace brand Home Security System The wireless window door sensor has a transmission range of up to 300 feet. When the motion detector or the door window sensor is triggered it sounds a 105 db alarm and sends a signal to the control unit which dials the first telephone number that you have in your programmed list. As many as five numbers can be on your list. The person answering the call will hear a...

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  • "Knock-Knock" Burglars Wanted By Cops

    The Colorado Springs Police Department is seeking the public's help in apprehending two 20-year-old Hispanic males who are considered armed and dangerous because they stole weapons in a series of daytime residential burglaries-so-called "knock-knock" burglaries. It was unclear how the suspects were identified, but probably by security surveillance footage. Read the whole story HERE What Are Knock-Knock Burglaries? They are the latest craze for burglars to get into a house and steal merchandise. Here's how they work. Usually one, but sometimes two people ring the doorbell or knock at the...

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  • Home Burglary Trends-Rising

    From social media to simply looking for habits, police say most home burglaries are when nobody's home. They say most cases can be prevented. “Appliances, jewelry anything they can sell easy or pawn,” said Officer margarita Strahan with the Midland Police Department. She says home burglaries are becoming all too common. “The burglary reports that I’ve had to take are usually when the homeowner is at work or on vacation,” she said. She says the thieves are all ages. “If they're young kids, then they just don't want to be...

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  • Burglar Takes Thousands Of Worth Of Loot From Providence Township Home

    more info here A Lancaster man stole thousands of dollars of items from a Providence Township home and left a note apologizing for the burglary, police said. William Harrison Rehm III, no age given, on Monday got into a home in the 100 block of Smithville Road through an unlocked basement window, state police Trooper Bertrum A. Jones said in a press release. Read the whole story HERE. He took several thousands of dollars of jewelry from a bedroom, some PlayStation 2 video games from the living room, and several...

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  • Are Nighttime Home Burglaries Part of A Bigger Pattern?

    Home burglaries when residents are sleeping are reported in Naperville, shortly after similar reports and arrests in Batavia. The rest of the story is HERE. Three people were arrested on charges related to Batavia home burglaries. It's important to note that, where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction. Naperville Patch is reporting a number of burglaries similar to those that took place in Batavia — in which the burglars struck at night while residents were sleeping in their homes. Popular Stories Naperville police are looking...

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  • Home Survival Kit - Advanced System-Product Review

    more info here! In today's blog were doing a product review of one of the most sophisticated protection systems ever invented. It is called the Being Safe at Home Survival Kit - Advanced System and contains home safety and personal security items to keep you and your family safe from the ravages of home invasion in home burglary. The system also includes safety reports and a training demonstration DVD for each product. The products include a diversion safe, 4 glass breakage alarm, to magnetic door alarms a motion detection hidden...

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  • Home Burglary Defense

    click for more info You may have seen the shocking statistics that one in six homes is burglarized every year. Home burglary costs the homeowner over $4,000, which includes damage done to the home and the value of property taken. There are many products on the market today that can help defend against home burglary, but one of the best is the Electronic Watchdog.. It uses the same kind of radar wave sense technology used by the military that can sense motion through wood, plastic, glass or cement up to...

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