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Taser/Pepper Spray Compatability

fox labs pepper spray

This is a story about police departments that are having to re-think the use of pepper sprays and tasers. Every police officer carries a pepper spray on his utility belt. Most officers carry a taser as well. The problem is, the two are not necessarily compatible.

You can read the whole story HERE

When it comes down to subduing a suspect, police officers have an arsenal to choose from, but they have to make sure that their efforts don’t react negatively with what other officers on the scene are doing. This is why all police departments have recently, or are in the process of, testing and possibly replacing their brand of pepper spray.

It seems that a spark from the electronic control device (ECD) called the taser can ignite a flammable component of the pepper spray.

Fox Pepper Sprays are ECD/taser compatible.

The Fox labs Hard Case Keychain is one of the most popular sprays we carry.

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