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Tips To Help You Avoid Crime

Crime can happen at any given time and in any given place. The one thing about crime is that it does not discriminate. None of us are immune to it and if you think so your actually much more likely to fall victim. There are some key things you can do that will drastically reduce your chance of becoming a statistic. The best and easiest way to avoid crime is to be alert and aware. Pay attention to your surroundings. If something doesn't look or seem right it probably isn't. Trust your instincts. Keep your head up; practice scanning an area with your eyes. This demonstrates awareness. Criminals focus on easy targets; by practicing awareness and simply being alert. Whether it's your commute to work, your route to the gym or trips to the grocery store, for the sake of personal safety change your routines regularly. Criminals love a victim who is predictable, so don't be! We are creatures of habit; naturally most of us have our set routines and don't really like change. Challenge yourself and family to mix up their routines at least bi-weekly. There is more than one way to get to work, more than one coffee shop or gas station. Simply put, add some variety to your routine and you increase your safety. You want to make yourself a tough target but it is just as important to make your home unattractive to crime. Call your local police or sheriff's department and ask them to conduct a safety survey of your home. Some of the most common findings are lack of light, no security system, and lack of sufficient entry way security. These are the types of things that criminals thrive on, but they are easy and affordable to correct. You can never have too much light in and around your home. Install floodlights with built in motion sensors all around the perimeter of your home. A home security system is an excellent idea. You can purchase a wired system and pay to have it monitored or you can choose a wireless home security system. Surprisingly the majority of home burglaries and invasions occur by way of a main entry point. Reinforce your entry doors with deadbolts and consider a door brace for added security. Car-jacking is becoming more and more prevalent. Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked at all times and especially when at a traffic stop. Use the mirrors on your vehicle to scan for potential trouble. It is very important to give yourself plenty of room when stopped. Allow at least one and one half car lengths. Should you feel trouble is approaching sound your horn and flash your lights. Education goes a long way in any environment. Be informed, take the time to educate yourself about crime trends and use that information to protect yourself. Most cities or towns have areas that are known to be high crime areas. Do your best to avoid these areas at all costs. Get involved in your community by joining or starting an anti-crime program like neighborhood watch. The success of such programs is dependent on its members. Adopt a zero tolerance attitude, it is contagious. Crime like many things in society is challenging and can be very scary at times. The most important thing you can do for yourself and community is to not give up. Don't give in to crime, be persistent, proactive and consistent in your approach. Remember awareness is the key, be alert and take the steps necessary to maker yourself and your home tough targets. Educate your neighbors and adopt a positive, never give in attitude.
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