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At Guardian Self Defense & Security Products our goal is simple; To EXCEED our customers expectations. The vast majority of the time we do just that. We've had the privilege of serving over 20,000 customers. Each time an order is placed we track it, so we are able to provide statistics such as, our top ten self defense and personal security products. Top Selling Self Defense and Personal Security Products 1. Pepper spray triple pack 2. 1/2 ounce defense spray 3. 4 ounce stream pepper spray 4. Mace muzzle dog spray 5. Fox Labs 2 ounce fog 6. 26" Telescopic baton 7. Guard Alaska bear spray 8. Mini stun baton 1000K 9. Runt 950k stun gun 10. Personal security alarm So the recession is taking hold and one of its most dangerous by products is crime. More and more crimes are being committed each day out of desperation. Unfortunately, we don't see this improving anytime soon, in fact historical trends show a continued spike in criminal activity as unemployment climbs to ten percent and above. Now more than ever people need our products. Our pepper spray and stun guns make up our largest consumer demand, but we have numerous other non-lethal self defense products to choose from. We help consumers just like you to protect themselves and family. Give us a look at
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