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Tornado Pepper Spray System with Alarm and Strobe Light

One of the newest and most popular self defense concepts on the market in The Tornado Pepper Spray System. The best thing about The Tornado is it's a complete self defense system. Meaning it combines self defense pepper spray with a loud 125dB personal alarm and an emergency strobe light all in one compact system the size of a cell phone. Here what customers are saying about the Tornado Pepper Spray System. When it comes to pepper spray there are so many bad choices out there, that I think many probably do more harm then good by giving people a false sense of security. The tornado however is designed to actually be deployed in a stressful situation and not be difficult to handle. Its very ergonomic and user friendly but what I like most about it is that when it is deployed, it emits an ear piercing alarm that if nothing else, is a great distraction to an attacking assailant. Though it also incorporates a strobe light, its not too powerful and I doubt its disorienting value is much but it would be a great devise for attracting attention that combined with the alarm might convince the attacker to find a new rape victim. I got one for my wife but will buy another for her to test the pepper spray so she knows its range and dispersion. By David454
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