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Jack Hanna - Buy Bear Spray

Chances are you will never encounter a grizzly bear or black bear in the wild. If you hike, camp, or otherwise enjoy the great outdoors in bear country it is wise to be prepared...just in case. Here is a very real example of why preparation is key. A Pennsylvania man attacked by a bear inside his home when the animal followed his dog inside has a new-found appreciation for the power of nature after he needed 70 staples and stitches to close the gaping wound on the back of his head. "I know what it's like to be a salmon now," Richard Moyer told WHTM-TV. The bear jumped on him and attacked his wife when she tried to intervene, Moyer said. Angela Moyer was knocked to the ground and dragged on to the home's patio, prompting her husband to jump back into the fray, he said. "That's when the bear tried to make a meal out of me, and started tearing my head apart," Moyer told WHP-TV. "I'm just thankful it stopped," Moyer told WGAL-TV. "Because if it didn't stop I might be in a box right now." The Pennsylvania Game Commission said the attack was likely the result of a female bear who felt her cubs were in danger from the dog. Simply put bear spray will deter an attack and could save your life. The piece of mind that comes with carrying it is priceless. Take last years close call by Jack Hanna. Jack Hanna isn't making idle claims when he says hikers MUST carry BEAR SPRAY with them to ward off grizzly bear attacks. The famous TV host and zookeeper says he took his own advice and used bear spray on grizzlies headed toward him. The dangerous bear attack took place last July and serves as reminder to all of us who love the great outdoors. The Columbus Zoo keeper and frequent David Letterman guest says he was with his wife and other hikers in Montana's Glacier National Park when they saw the mother bear and two large cubs coming toward them. Hanna and the others moved slowly back up the trail to a clearing and stood still while the mother and one cub passed by. Hanna says the other cub, weighing about 125 pounds, charged toward the hikers. Hanna said he sprayed the bear in the face, and it fled. Without the pepper spray this dangerous situation could have quickly turned tragic. At Guardian Self Defense we carry Guard Alaska Bear Spray and Pepper Mace Bear Repellent, the two most trusted names in bear repellent in the industry. Both are EPA registered and proven effective against all species of bear! Get more information today at Buy Bear Spray
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