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Tried and True Safety While Jogging

Local law enforcement arrested two men on multiple counts of armed robbery. The two allegedly hid behind bushes near a popular exercise trail. As joggers approached the two would appear brandishing a handgun. They robbed victims of cell phones, jewelry, and cash. The thieves targeted only females who were exercising alone just before dark. This area hosts hundreds of walkers, joggers, and bikers daily. Law enforcement can't be around every corner, so what can be done? The old saying, "there's strength in numbers" holds true. Always use the buddy system. In fact, our recommendation is an exercise party of at least three. If you must exercise alone, consider joining a gym where you can do so safely. Try to exercise during daylight hours. The darker the better as far as criminals are concerned. Thieves have a much better chance of being identified during the day. Vary your exercise routes. Choose a different route everyday if possible. Criminals love predictability, so change it up and become a more difficult target. Vary the time that you exercise. Again, change if up daily if possible. This change doesn't have to be extreme but again it's all about being unpredictable. If you went at 4pm today, then tomorrow start at 5pm, the next day go at 3pm. Carry a self-defense weapon such as pepper spray or mace. There are convenient pepper spray models just for walkers, joggers and even bikers. If you carry pepper spray it must be assessable or it does no good. These specialty pepper spray products attach to the hand via an elastic sleeve. This makes it easy for exercisers to carry during workouts. Tell someone where you’re going and what time you expect to return. A plan of action should be agreed upon. If you don't return by the specified time help should be summoned. pepper spray jogger
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