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Halle Berry Personal Security Threatened by Stalker

Hallie Berry found herself face to face with an alleged stalker and convicted felon. The superstar felt her peace of mind ripped away as a man repeatedly scaled the walls of her Hollywood Hills home and threatened her personal security. This creep got within a foot of Berry, when she sensed someone behind her, turned and escaped to safety. Surveillance footage showed the man was hiding in bushes waiting for her. Like Berry, thousands of women are the victims of stalking. Unlike Berry, many women are too afraid to report the incidents to police. A Department of Justice study found that 1 in every 12 women will be stalked during her lifetime. How common is the crime of stalking? Consider that one woman in 3000 will be the victim of rape. Being aware of certain signals can help you determine if you are being stalked and how to handle it. Are you harassed by phone, email, or text? Frequently unwanted communication should be a huge red flag. If you persistently run into the same person or if this person monitors your home or workplace, you should be fearful. A stalker may threaten to harm themselves to gain the victims attention and concern. It is not uncommon for a stalker to try to manipulate a victim’s friends and families with lies. The goal is to isolate them from any potential support. Stalking is a very serious and dangerous crime that must not go unreported. If you feel like you are or were the victim of a stalker contact police for help. Make sure to confide in your friends and family. If possible, adopt the "buddy system" and someone you trust should always know your itinerary. A plan should be in place to check in with someone at regular intervals during the day. A personal alarm sounds a loud, high pitch alarm that will get others attention if needed. A self-defense weapon like pepper spray can prove valuable. Pepper spray gives users the ability to stop an attacker from a distance and it takes no special skills or strength to use.
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