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Useful Tips for Pepper Spray Purchase

Want to purchase pepper spray, but not sure what or how to choose? It's important that you know what to consider or the right questions to ask. To help you in your pepper spray purchase we put together some usefull tips and things to consider. Pepper spray is an extremely effective self defense tool when used correctly. The problem is that most individuals never stop to consider important issues prior to their pepper spray purchase. Think about your daily routine, when are you most vulerable to attack? If you go to and from work each day, you are most vulnerable during your walk to and from work, then again during your walk to and from home. A keychain pepper spray can be easily concealed in the hand and readily accessible if needed. If you jog or exercise outdoors, then you may want to consider a specialty athletic spray. The most common is a jogger pepper spray, that has an elastic strap allowing it to be securely fastened to your hand. Whatever your routine, take the time to consider when you will carry your spray, then think about the size you'll need, any attachements, and the range needed. Is it legal for me to carry pepper spray for self defense? Believe it or not pepper spray and mace are legal for the purposes of self defense in all U.S. states. Please note, that several states to have specific restrictions related to the possession and use of pepper spray. For example, pepper spray is legal in New York but residents must purchase from a licensed firearms dealear within the state. It is important that you determine the laws related to pepper spray before you purchase. Check with a defense spray dealer or your local police for details. How far will it shoot? How much will it take? The effective range of pepper spray or mace varies greatly depending on the size and spray pattern chosen. Most keychain units have a range of 8-10 feet, by comparison a 1LB crowd control spray can cover 20 - 30 feet. The number of sprays or uses is another important consideration. If your up against, multiple attackers, you need to have enough pepper spray to difuse the situation. Obtaining and using pepper spray is very simple. Just be sure to ask a few questions, then practice, practice, practice, and always be keenly aware of your surroundings.
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