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Pepper Mace Spray - Safety Tips

Pepper mace spray is a great self defense weapon that can quickly stop an attacker from a safe distance. Pepper mace spray is easy to use, affordable and extremely effective at "taking the fight" out of an attacker. The main reason a defense spray won't work is two-fold, neither of which has anything to do with the product itself. If your pepper mace is not accessible when you need it, it won't work. If you don't know how to properly use your pepper mace, it won't work. Most consumers purchase pepper mace with very good intentions. They make the proactive purchase, but then don't read the product directions and don't spend the time to familiarize themselves with the product. This is a huge mistake that could be costly. It is important to spend a few minutes getting comfortable with your pepper mace. The insert and instructions will tell you what the product does and what to expect if you spray someone. You will also see a section that describes how to use it. You need to be familiar with the safety feature and how to hold the spray correctly. It is important to practice taking the safety off, presenting the spray (say STOP, while extending your arms and pointing toward an attacker), fire horizontally over the eyes spraying from ear to ear. This could be the most important 10 minutes you'll ever spend. Now that you've become familiar with the great equalizer, you need to make sure you keep your pepper mace spray accessible at all times. Awareness and preparation are what it's all about. Place units throughout your home, keep one on your person whenever possible, and don't forget about your vehicle. Criminals won't wait for you to find your self defense spray and it does absolutly no good tucked away in your sock drawer! When are you most vulnerable? Keep a keychain pepper mace in the palm of your hand when you are most vulnerable. If you don't want anyone to see it then simply hide your hand in a bag, purse, book sack, etc. Get serious about your safety today. You owe to yourself and those who love you.
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