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What Is The Best Mace For Self Defense?

Our many thousands of customers often ask us for advice on different products that we carry. We specialize in self defense products such as pepper sprays and stun guns. We are proud to note that we are one of the largest independent dealers of those products in the country. But one of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) is what is the best mace for self defense? The answer is relatively simple because it is a clear-cut answer. Of all the different brands of pepper sprays that we carry including Fox brand, Sabre brand, Pepper Shot, Wildfire and Def-Tec, Mace brand continues to be the largest selling pepper spray that we carry. Out of all the different Mace brand products that we carry, we feel and our customers seem to agree that the best mace for self-defense is the police model triple action pepper spray. It is the same model used by law enforcement professionals for over 20 years.
best mace for self-defense What makes it the best mace for self-defense? 1. First of all the triple action is a combination of oleoresin capsicum, which is the main ingredient in all pepper sprays, a CS teargas component and an invisible ultraviolet marking dye which is helpful in identifying an assailant after the fact who has been sprayed. 2. The strong stream spray pattern makes it excellent for use indoors because it will not cross contaminate against non-intended targets and outdoors it will hold up better in windy or rainy conditions. 3. It has the flip top safety cap to prevent accidental spraying and the unique contoured finger grip for easy aim. 4. It contains 20 half-second bursts up to 12 feet away. That will provide you adequate self-defense in 95% of all cases. When you are in the market for a self-defense pepper spray, our online store has one of the best selections of products available from the major manufacturers. The best mace for self-defense is the police model triple action pepper spray. When are you getting one?
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