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What Is The Best Nonlethal Self Defense Weapon?

What Is The Best Nonlethal Self Defense Weapon?
As a major distributor of products for personal and home security, we have tens of thousands customers who ask us a lot of questions. One of the most frequently asked questions is "what is the best nonlethal self defense weapon?" We could complicate the answer by saying it depends on the situation, but that is really not necessary. For many reasons, the best nonlethal self-defense weapon overall is pepper spray. Here are some of the reasons why.
  • It is close to 95% effective. The only times when it is ineffective is in windy or rainy conditions when it gets blown off course.
  • It is the least expensive of all self-defense products. Many of them are available for less than $10.
  • It is legal everywhere, with only a few cities and states having restrictions.
They are small which makes them easy to hide and carry. Many pepper sprays even have keychain attachment so they can be with you wherever you go. We carry the major brands of defensive sprays such as Fox Labs, Mace, Def-Tec, Sabre, Pepper Shot, Wildfire and Kimber with the same models and sizes used by law enforcement agencies. Ancient Oriental warriors threw bags of hot spices at their enemies thousands of years ago. Not until the 1990's were pepper sprays used by law enforcement in the United States. Pepper spray uses the resin of one of the hottest peppers in the world. When the spray hits your face it causes excruciating pain, shortness of breath and excessive tearing in the eyes. Every law enforcement officer in the country carries pepper spray on his utility belt. And you want to know what the best nonlethal self-defense weapon is? Need we say more? We have an outstanding selection of the best nonlethal self defense weapon pepper sprays in all price ranges, colors and styles. See which one is best for you!
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