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What Makes Sabre Red Crossfire MK 3 So Versatile

Crossfire 3 The SABRE Red Crossfire MK 3 pepper spray is American-made. It contains a large amount of Major Capsaicinoids in its formula, making it unique from any other pepper spray on the market. Major Capsaicinoids (MC) produce the pain and heat that individuals feel when sprayed and are the only true measure of a pepper spray's strength. The SABRE Spitfire pepper spray contains approximately four times the amount of MCs found in those commonly used by law enforcement officials. That is why it is so effective. Man oh man is it hot! The Sabre Red Crossfire MK 3 uses the famous 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum Sabre red formula. It contains 20 half second shots up to as much as 20 feet away. It has a five year shelf life longer than any other brand of pepper spray on the market. It was the first brand of pepper spray to be nonflammable and Taser or ECD safe. It uses a ballistic stream spray pattern which decreases blowback. It has a fliptop safety cap to prevent accidental discharge. The Sabre Red Crossfire MK 3 uses third-generation technology which allows Sabre OC canisters to fire continuously from any position. The fact is very few assailants or subjects stay static. In real life situation for police officers, aggressive and non-compliant behavior often results in subject countermeasures to avoid officer control and restraint. When that escalation gets to the point that calls for the use of pepper spray, subjects will frequently move, duck or attempt to block the spray. In the case of a pursuit, the officer cannot ask the target to stand still. When dynamic encounters ensue, the officer’s task of gaining control becomes increasingly difficult. SABRE Red Crossfire MK 3 was specifically developed to give officers the upper-hand when controlling dynamic subjects.That is why it is so versatile. As a bonus SABRE Red Crossfire MK 3 contains an invisible UV marking dye that enables assailant identification after they have been sprayed.
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