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Since 2004 Guardian Self Defense & Security Products LLC has offered non lethal self defense weapons for sale to consumers and professionals alike. One of the major reasons I started the business was a desire to provide people with the self defense weapons they need to level the playing field . I wanted to offer an option to the deadly force and potential consequences of a handgun. Products that are easy to use, dependable and really work, yet they cause no long term injury. Last night I was watching 48 Hours Mystery, Taken The Amber Dubois Story and this tragic story reinforced the importance of and need for non-lethal self defense products. If you didn't watch, the story was about a sexual predator who was convicted of raping and then killing two young California girls. As a father, this story really hit home. Amber Dubois was abducted by John Gardner while walking near her school around 7:00 a.m. on February 13, 2009. In this tragedy, the predator Gardner agreed to tell all. He explained that he saw Amber walking alone and approached in his car. He said he had the windows rolled down and a knife in plain sight. He told Amber that he had a knife and gun and if you knew what was good for her she would get in the car. Thinking about this situation I can't help but believe that Amber had to feel so helpless and scared. She really had no chance, she was a 14 year old girl. How could she defend herself from a predator like Gardner. What if she would have had some type of self defense weapon like a keychain pepper spray, for example? Could she have sprayed him in the face and got herself to safety? I don't know, no one knows, but I do believe her chances of survival would have been better. I also think I speak for the majority of fathers out there when I say, I want my child to have the means and the ability to protect themselves. This could have been your daughter, sister, or cousin. That is the sombering thought I was left with. We can't be with them 24/7 and these types of "animals" are out there. So if we can't prevent these heinous criminals from being on the street; we have to do our best to educate and protect those who mean the most. Please go to your state police registry and look for sexual predators in your area. Now educate yourself and family using safety tips and resources from your state police or other professional organization.
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