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Why Telescoping Police Batons Are So Popular

We are going to let you in on a little secret. But you have to promise not to tell anybody. Okay now that we have that straightened away here's what the secret is! Telescoping police batons are gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds. Women have discovered them! Men have always known how effective the baton was for self-defense, but now that women are on to it-the cat's out of the bag.
telescoping police baton Women used to think that batons were too difficult to handle because they were so big. And indeed a fixed length baton is very difficult to handle. With telescoping police batons and you have something that is very easy to handle. These economy models come in three different sizes the smallest one is only 7 inches long when it's closed and 16 inches when it's open. The next is 8.5 inches closed and 21 inches long when it's opened. And finally the biggest is 10 inches when it's closed and 26 inches when it's opened. They are small and compact in the closed position making them easy to carry. They all have a padded rubber handles for easy gripping and a free heavy duty nylon holster for easy carrying. These batons have a positive locking system which means that they will not collapse when you need it most. Law enforcement officers around the country are issued telescoping police batons in place of the obsolete Billy clubs that originated in the 1800s in England. When you are in the market for a self-defense product that is considered in the less than lethal category, consider a telescoping police baton. They are legal in every state except in California and require no license. We would recommend that you look for a place where you can get some training on different ways that you can use the baton. The more you know, the more proficient you can be in your own self-defense.
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