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Why You Need Self Defense Against Dogs

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia keeps track of all kinds of statistical data. One of the things that they track is dog attacks and dog bites. Over the last 10 years their statistics show that, on average, 4.5 million Americans are attacked annually by a dog. That figure has remained pretty much constant for the last 10 years. Close to 20% of those attacked require hospitalization. That is nearly 1,000,000 people requiring a hospital stay for treatment due to dog attacks and dog bites. Surprisingly, the number one category of people attacked are little children in the family where the dog resides. Close behind are mailmen-letter carriers from the USPS. The next category of people who are attacked are adults who are out exercising in the great outdoors-walking, jogging or cycling.
self-defense against dogs self defense against dogs
That is where this self defense product provides self-defense against dogs. It is made by Mace brand, the most recognizable name manufacturer of defensive sprays in the country. This particular model attaches to your hand with an elastic strap or you can attach it to your key ring with a handy keychain attachment. The spray pattern is a stream spray which means it is less likely to get blown off course outdoors. This jogger model contains 20 half-second shots up to 12 feet away. It is said that a dog is a man's best friend and while that may be true in a lot of instances, it can never forget that they are animals and as such have instincts that have been bred into them for thousands of years. The number one instinct is to bite. If you love to walk, jog or cycle outdoors you need self defense against dogs. They are unpredictable and can attack at anytime and anyplace. For a minimum investment you can get a quality Mace pepper spray for self defense against dogs at our online store that can provide peace of mind for you and your family.
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