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Young Women And Relationship Violence

About 10 years ago the Liz Claiborne Corporation did a comprehensive study about teenage dating and the perils associated with it such as assaults that are normally connected to domestic violence. Recently there was another study done and the conclusions and facts presented were almost exactly the same. What does that mean? That nothing has gotten better for young women in their dating relationships! Teenage girls are at a high risk of relationship violence. Some of the facts are: 1. 15% of high school girls reports being abused by their boyfriends; 2. Date rape which accounts for 70% of sexual assaults reported by adolescents in college; 3. 38% of those are between 14 and 17; 4. One in three teen dating relationships has a physical aggression component. 5. Nearly 75% girls have reported some sort of emotional partner violence. One of the points raised in this most recent study is that young women really have no place to learn what is normal and what is not normal in a dating relationship. When these young women talk to their friends many of them are experiencing the same thing so they tend to think that abuse is a normal thing. Recently Pres. Obama announced from the White House the formation of the new task force looking into sexual assaults on college campuses. Those statistics haven't changed much over the years either, with one for women being a target for sexual assault in her four years at a University. Has your daughter been involved in a dating relationship that went bad? Some signs that your daughter may be in an abusive relationship include: 1. Not spending time with her usual friends; 2. Fewer friends on Facebook; 3. More withdrawn personality or less bubbly and engaged than usual; 4. Changes in appearance style or activities; 5. Obvious physical signs of abuse; 6. Defensive, angry attitude about current physical status. For young women we recommend that they take a basic self-defense training course to learn how to defend themselves in just about any situation and then obtain and learn how to use a self-defense product such as a pepper spray.
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