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Young Women Learn Basic Self-Defense Skills

This summer has seen a spate of attacks on women in Boston. In June, two young women were attacked around Mission Hill. Both managed to fight off their knife-wielding assailant. In July, in South Boston, three young women were attacked and beaten within a 19-hour period. One of them, Amy Lord, was kidnapped and killed. When confronted by violence, how do women fight back? One program teaches self-defense through empowerment. The Madison Park Development Corp. in Roxbury is offering an intensive self-defense course. Monique Blocker works for the housing development as a “VIP” — a violence intervention/prevention youth leader — and brought the classes to Roxbury. You can read the whole story HERE. Girls’ LEAP classes are now taught in the Cambridge Public Schools. The program has also expanded, through community partners, into other communities, including Boston, where it says those at highest risk for sexual assault are girls aged 10 to 14. Ballantyne said the curriculum is tailored with that in mind. The class includes exercises using new skills, such as “the wrist breakaway” — how to get away when someone grabs you. It also reinforces life lessons, like walk with confidence.
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